Coach Tours to Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre


Living History Actors DancingLet us make your coach tour memorable! In Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre, they will have the time of their lives. The front of house guides will welcome them. The living history actors will engage and amuse them. They will have fun and become involved in the lives of the Tudor characters. Forever more, they will know the origins of the red and white barber’s pole and where terms such as ‘brace yourself’ and ’ keep it under your hat’ came from. On the battlements, they will unashamedly hold up the two fingers to the attackers from the hills to demonstrate that they still have their bow fingers!

Dalkey is just half an hour, but a lifetime, away from Dublin city centre. It is just on the southern edge of the capital city along the coast. It has a pretty village atmosphere -relaxing and varied. There are bars and bistros galore after your visit to Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre.

The Visit to Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre

Living History ActorsThe Barber-Surgeon, or on occasion his wife has all his instruments at the ready. S/he will request a sample of your urine to test your humours (entirely optional). Sometimes there is a special offer on amputations-two for the price of one! If all else fails, s/he can perform a blood-letting to cure your ailments!

Be horrified at the welcome to Dalkey Castle underneath the Murder Hole! Meet the Archer and test your strength on the Longbow. Guess which arrow heads went through chainmail. Would you like hedgehog pie for dinner? Meet the Cook who makes it. The Archer loves it as a special treat!

InteractiveTimeline at Dalkey Heritage Centre


Modern technology: Enjoy the contrast between 15th century Living History actors and the interactive screens of 21st century in the Heritage Centre (information is available in 12 languages).
Follow the interactive time line from early Christian through Viking, Medieval, and Victorian to modern times in Dalkey.


Interactive Writers Gallery Dublin


Explore the area’s literary and creative connections in the Writers’ Gallery with portraits of our creative writers. Interactive screens contain the work of 45 writers and creative artists from Beckett and Joyce to Bono and Binchy and more.

Afterwards, you can climb to the battlements for panoramic views of sea and mountains. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the 10th century church & graveyard.


Special Offers on Teas, Coffees, Scones, Picnics and Lunches available locally with Castle visit.


Dalkey Dublin IrelandCoach Parking: Coach parking has been allocated at the Bus Stop on Hyde Road. Drivers/Guides can drop off their groups at the designated bus stop on Ulverton Road (100 metres approx. from Dalkey Castle) and then proceed to the parking space at Hyde Road.

Our guides can meet you at Bus Stop if required. See our Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions of Entry for Groups.

(Click here for map of Dalkey).


Guided Historical & Literary Walks

Walk and talk…. and take the sea air: Guided Walks can be arranged for your group.

Special Rates and incentives for coach tour groups. Contact Margaret Dunne at +353 01 285 8366 or email

Opening Hours 2017

Mon – Fri: 10.00 – 17.00

Sat – Sun: 11.00 – 17.00