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Living History Actors DalkeyOur Language School Tours with Living History actors run throughout the year. They are highly visual and entertaining.

The emphasis by the actors is on clearly and visually demonstrating the various skills such as Archery, Barber Surgery, Cooking, Coin Minting and more.


Living History Actors with studentsActive participation by the students is a feature of all the characters’ performances.
The Archer lives in the 1500s and is baffled by the style of modern dress. Students can try their strength on the longbow. They will mint their own coinage. On the battlements, they can hail the King and show the native Irish their bow fingers with the infamous V sign!
The actors take account of the level of understanding of the students and they pace their delivery accordingly.

Interactive ScreensIn the Heritage Centre, the historical information is presented on interactive screens in twelve languages: English, Irish, French Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish Polish, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese.

The students are free to browse the interactive timeline after the structured part of the visit with their leaders.
We also have the facility to present the performance in French with advance booking.

Translations of the Dalkey Castle /Fortified Town house information leaflet are available in Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish and Japanese.

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Download Group Booking Form to request a booking and email to