National School Tours 

National Schools Programme – February – April annually

Entertaining Primary School Children

The Living History presentation involves professional actors from Deilg Inis Theatre Company, in full period costume bringing the history of the 15th century Fortified Town House/castle to colourful life.  A Viking raid is re-created in the church when a slave escapes from Dalkey Island and seeks refuge. Sitric, the Viking shows how coins were struck. The medieval merchant shows off his goods and his barrel-vaulted ceiling.



Primary School Children at Dalkey CastleThe Murder Hole is activated theatrically, participating students drop’ rocks’ on the castle attackers through the Murder Hole! No injuries have been reported! Rupert, the archer who defended the castle from the notorious O’Byrnes and O’Tooles of Wicklow demonstrates the use of the longbow. He delights in showing off his collection of arrows. The Cook is never too busy to boast of his or her great medieval toilet facilities. Watch out if they call out ‘gardez l’eau!



Primary School ChildrenModern technology: The students will learn how to access additional information on the interactive screens. The guides will lead them to find information on the Vikings, the Normans and the seven castles of Dalkey. They will enjoy the Pathé news footage of the crowning of the king on Dalkey Island.

There are scaled models of the transport systems from the funicular and atmospheric railways to the trams.

We can accommodate classes of up to 30 students at a time. The tour begins at 10.00am and runs for 90 minutes approx.

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