Dalkey Island …an island on the tides of time!
Travel back in time with a visit to Dalkey Island!
Supervised Ferry trips to Dalkey Island from Coliemore Harbour
Booking: Ken Cunningham at 085 2426516
Get into the story at Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre before or afterwards.

Why not get away from it all and take the sea air with a short trip to Dalkey Island? Visit the ancient 11th century church and marvel at the construction of the Martello Towers. The origins of Dalkey Island go back 6,500 years. Walk the paths where the Vikings held a slave camp in the early 900s.
Ken the Ferryman will give you an overview of the stories associated with the island. Skip down to Coliemore Harbour and avail of the fully licensed and insured service. You will have a magical experience! Bring a picnic and get away from it all, only five minutes from the mainland.
Before or after, you can drop in to Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre where you will get the entire story of the island from earliest times.

To book a trip to Dalkey Island contact Ken Cunningham at 085 2426516
Special opening offer on ferry trips: €8 Adult; €5 Children.