Living History Tours at Dalkey

Living History Tours at Dalkey

Professional actors bring history to life with a fun theatre performance as part of the guided tour.

On the tour you can let your imagination flow and travel back in time and be enthralled by the extraordinary work of the Archer, the Cook and the travelling Barber-Surgeon. Actors from Deilg Inis Living History Theatre Company will involve you in their lives, their work and their stories. You may even try your strength on the longbow, sit in the Barber Surgeon’s cart or experience medieval toilet practices in the Garderobe!

The visitor experience

Living History Tours DalkeyOn site we have a medieval castle/fortified townhouse, an early Christian Church, a state of the art Heritage Centre (with information in 12 languages) and a Writers’ Gallery with portraits and interactive screens with the work of 45 writers and creative artists from Joyce to Beckett, Binchy, Bono and more…

You can climb to the battlements for panoramic views of sea and mountains. On site you may enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the early Christian Church and Graveyard, dedicated to Saint Begnet.

InteractiveTimeline at Dalkey Heritage Centre

Browse the interactive time line from early Christian through Viking, Medieval, Victorian and modern times in Dalkey (available in 12 languages). 



The Writers Gallery DalkeyWriters’ Gallery

Explore the area’s literary and creative connections in the Writers’ Gallery from Joyce to Beckett, Binchy, Bono and more…


Living History Video Clip