Meet The Characters of Dalkey Living History Tour

The Archer Dalkey Castle


The Archer will show you the yew tree in the Graveyard from which he gets the wood for his longbow. He will demonstrate the various arrow heads he has and what he uses each one for. You will hear him use terminology still used in English today: ‘another string to your bow’; ‘keep it under your hat’;  ‘brace yourself’ etc.
He delights in showing off the origins of the infamous V sign. From the battlements, he will show you how far he can send his arrows. He will defend all guests from attack by the O’Byrnes and the O’Tooles of Wicklow!



The Cook Dalkey CastleThe Cook prepares delicious delights for the evening’s feast. The house speciality is hedgehog pie. There are square trenchers on the table for the archer and hardened bread ones for the ordinary folk. Mead is the preferred drink but ale is in everyday use as the water is not fit for drinking. You may be lucky and arrive on the day she/he is having his or her annual bath. Cook will also show you the working of the Garderobe (medieval toilet). Be sure to duck if either of them shout ‘gardez l’eau!!


The Barber Surgeon announces his arrival in Dalkey complete with cart and implements by putting out the white pole with the bloody bandages! He can trim your beard, help you with tooth ache, instruct you in the art of bloodletting! He sometimes gives a very special offer of ‘two for the price of one’ on amputations! Sounds gory but it’s great fun and shows how far we have come (or not!) in medicine since the Middle Ages!

The Coin Minter


The Coin Minter visits on special occasions when cash is running low. The Dalkey Hoard is dated back to 939 – 975 AD when the Anglo-Saxon King Eadgar was in power.  The coins were found in Dalkey in 1838.

Sitric will be on hand on selected dates to show you how he struck the coins. 




Other characters include Vikings, Slaves, Quarry workers and Merchants.