Heritage Centre, Dalkey, Dublin

 View of early Christian Church at Dalkey Heritage Centre

Twenty first century technology!

The Heritage Centre leads internally to a Writers’ Gallery and externally to St Begnet’s Church & Graveyard.

There are interactive screens with chronological time line, scaled models and a stunning vista onto the early Christian Church.



InteractiveTimeline at Dalkey Heritage CentreDelve deeper into our stories. Take time out, relax and lose yourself browsing historical information along our new state of the art interactive timeline available in 12 languages.

Follow the journey from earliest settlers on Dalkey Island 6,500 years ago, through early Christian, Viking, Medieval and Victorian times to the present day. The timeline is packed with nuggets of interesting historical and sometimes anecdotal information. Switch between accounts of the six-legged cow and the Dalkey gold rush to the Pathé news footage of the crowning of the King of Dalkey on Dalkey Island!

DVD Area at Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre

Mint your own coinage!
Learn how coins were struck.
Watch the short DVDs and be enlightened on the ancient engineering of how barrel-vaulted ceilings were constructed.