Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th December. From 11.00am.

Children’s Tickets €8.50 (include Goody Bag for small children) and Adult Tickets €8.50. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Great Fun Family Day Out! No Queueing!  

Booking: online here www.dalkeycastle.com/booktickets   Credit Card by Tel 01 285 8366.  (Closed on Tuesdays).  At Reception every day except Tuesday. Some tours are already SOLD OUT!

These unique Christmas Castle tours with Santa are specially devised for the children who are expecting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. (Adults can join in the fun with the children).

The children will engage with Jingle who sings Christmas riddles while s/he is preparing the food for Santa and the reindeers. S/he leads the children to the battlements to chant to the North Star that guides the reindeers around the world.

Twinkle, the Christmas Elf, joins in the show. Twinkle tells all the famous Christmas stories in a new and exciting way. S/he helps when Santa’s suit gets shrunk by the elves who are now all sleeping in the Garderobe.  The big worry for Twinkle is whether the children can make the suit big enough to fit Santa again.

The highlight, needless to say, is the appearance of the celebrity himself- Santa Claus!

Santa’s ‘Ho Ho Ho’ has gone very faint. The children will help him to get it back. He has two long lists: nice and naughty. Only those who behave very well can be on his nice list. The children can help Santa waken the sleeping elves and help him with his 10 question quiz.

It’s all about activity and participation with this specially devised unique Dalkey Castle Christmas Tour with Santa! No queuing necessary.  

Tour times 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.00 & 16.00. 

Supported by DLRCo.Co.