Have a Merry Medieval Christmas at Dalkey Castle. You can travel through time and step in to ‘Christmases Past’. You can savour the delights of a Christmas Feast prepared by our own Medieval Cook. See her prepare Mince Pies, Butter and Saffron Basted Goose, traditional Humble Pies, Boar’s Head, Hedgehog Pie, and delicious Frumenty.

You will be fascinated with the secrets of Christmas: the origins of ‘ the Christmas Box’, ‘the Piggy Bank’, ‘Carol Singing’, the wearing of ‘Christmas Holly’, the fruit laden Christmas Tree and much, much more.
You can hang a stone on the Christmas tree for good luck in the year ahead.

Tours runs from December 3rd until 22nd (excluding week-ends of 13th & 14th and 20th & 21st December which have Santa on site).

It’s Christmas Day every day at Dalkey Castle until the 22nd December. Don’t let Christmases Past pass you by! Great Fun Family Day Out!

Tel 01 2858366. info@dalkeycastle.com