Nowhere’s Child –  Kari Rosvall & Naomi Linehan

Dalkey Castle – Saturday 17th October at 7.30pm
The inspiring story of how one woman survived Hitler’s breeding camps and found an Irish home.

Kari Rosvall’s early life was shrouded in mystery. At the age of 64, she discovered that she was a Lebensborn child, part of Hitler’s ‘Spring of Life’ programme, which encouraged Nazi soldiers to have children with Scandinavian women in order to create an Aryan race. ‘Nowhere’s Child’ is a remarkable story of heartbreak and reconciliation, of forging new beginnings from a dark past, and of a return to an attic, six decades on. Ultimately, it is the life-affirming story of what it really means to find a place called home. Kari spent her childhood in Sweden, but now considers Ireland home.
Naomi Linehan has worked as a researcher, producer and reporter for flagship current affairs and features programmes on Newstalk radio in Ireland. It was through her work as a reporter for The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk radio, that Naomi first unearthed Kari’s story.

Admission €10 BOOK HERE or telephone for credit card bookings: 01 285 8366